The power to engage

As with all first impressions, a quality virtual experience that engages the car shopper like no other will greatly increase your chances to close the sale. is the first video portal for online car selling and buying. You won’t find static images here - our video classifieds marketplace enables dynamic video for showcasing cars and delivers superior results along with it.

How it Works:

Our cutting-edge Web 2.0 tools let sellers use a cell phone or digital camera to quickly create short, high-impact videos that give shoppers a close up, inside/out view as you describe key features and options. Already have videos? lets you embed from other sites.

We’ve done our research – and we know what kind of information car buyers need to speed decision making. guides you in presenting your cars for sale – then capitalizes on the power of digital marketing to help you reach local and international prospects on sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as MSN, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Google, Delicious, Foursquare, Gather and more. is unmatched in how easy we make it for car sellers to benefit from our site. Your video ad includes a Q&A section for consumer comments and questions as well as language translation and currency conversion features.

We’ve tested it: Three Zurich-based dealerships who posted 129 one-minute videos during a 55-day period sold 53 cars (41%) – a direct result of the effectiveness of’s video and digital syndication capabilities.

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